Pub. 6 2022 Issue 2

By Maryann Martindale

Unless you’ve been in space for the past few years, you are well aware of the divides we are seeing in this country. I have heard the same question over and over again: “Has it ever been this bad?”

By Saphu Pradhan, MD, FAAFP

There’s a lot going on in our world right now. The challenges of the COVID pandemic have changed, but the strain it has caused and continues to cause is palpable to all of us in varying degrees. Like many of you, I have spent considerable time reflecting on ways to move forward, focusing on how to provide excellent care for patients and how to thrive personally and professionally. This has been no easy feat.

By The Utah Academy of Family Physicians
By The Utah Academy of Family Physicians
By The Utah Academy of Family Physicians
By Kyle Bradford Jones, MD, FAAFP
By Elissa M. Ozanne, PhD, Associate Professor, Co-Director of the Graduate Certificate in Population Health Science, and Taylor Dean, MS, Program Manager, Population Health Scholars Program, Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine at the University of Utah

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